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FOX Business
Aug 11, 2013 1:30am EDT
they're going to leave the state altogether. when the obama administration said we're going to make sure you have to include people with prsting conditions, that guaranteed a gigantic increase in premiums for everyone else. this is a nightmare, it's going to fall off the tracks and crash. >> julie, i'm looking at this and thinking, you know, you didn't have to be a rocket scientist, or for that matter, figured early on the guaranteeing coverage of preexiing conditions of having kids on your policy until they're 80 or something like that was going to result in higher premiums. so why this shock at this response? >> well, first and foremost, look at the statistics, premiums have actually been going up at the slowest rate in decades this past year, that's one. two, if you live in places like new york state and california for that matter, premiums are set to fall by over 50% in new york city next year after obama care goes in effect. >> you honestly believe -- premiu are going to fall. >> places like new york state? for places like -- >> what did she make up, dan? what did she make up?
FOX Business
Aug 4, 2013 8:30am EDT
have no evidence that it reached the white house or barack obama or anybody in his inner circle told people to go do this. they're jumping to conclusions without any evidence. >> that's what reporters a supposed to do. >> let her in. >> you're right. you're right. and think fox news has done a very good job of looking at it but so far i see no evidence that this has emanated from th white house. >> you do think there's a scandal. >> there are two things here. one is i'd like to get to the bottom of what happened. and, two -- >> do you really? >> i do. no, i really do. to the point where i said many times. >> are your fingers crossed, julie? >> no, my fingers are not crossed that we shld have independent processing. the other issue i think some people are missing and the issue that i think we really need to focus on is a lot of these groups, both democrats and republicans completely abuse the irs tax code where they're imposing it. >> that's different than going after one. >> go after both. >> here the scary thing. i red lot of books abt watergate. they put a couple of things together
FOX News
Aug 3, 2013 1:00pm PDT
that it reached up to the white house or barack obama anybody in his inner circle. i think they are jumping to conclusions about any evidence is presented. no, you are right. i think fox news has done a good job of looking at it but no evidence whatsoever emanated from the white house. >> neil: you think its scandal there was enough going on in the irs that went beyond cincinnati. >> there are two things, i would like to get to the bottom of what happened. >> neil: do you really? >> i really do. [ laughter ] >> i really do to the point i said many times..., no, but on this very network it's an independent prosecutor, darrell issa can take a break. the other issue that i think people are missing and issue i think people need to focus on. both democrats and republicans completely abuse the irs tax code, nonprofit or other things. >> here is the scary thing. i read a lot of books about water gated. woodward and bernstein thought about the president being involved with that from the beginning. they put a couple things together. this reeks of overreach. it smells too good. that is the scary thin
FOX Business
Aug 25, 2013 1:30am EDT
welfare. in five years, barack obama has essentially changed that. we are now going away from -- >> it's been going on through the bush administration as well. but i guess this time -- it's a bipartisan sort of a rant here. benefits are out of control. ben stein, here's what i heard from a lot of folks who were noting fox is condemning this new trend. well, obviously for reason to dramatically hike if not double the minimum wage. what do you think of that? >> well, that's a good way to double the unemployment rate. i mean the situation is very difficult for poor people. we can just start at the beginning and say if you're a poor person, if you're a person who does not have much education or much ability to earn money, you're screwed no matter what you're doing. you're not going to live well on $38,000 a year. you're not going toive well on $21 an hour. you have to go back farther and start explaining to people they must get education. education is the capital from which people build careers, lives, homes, families. that somehow has to be drummed into people's heads. we don't know how t
FOX Business
Aug 18, 2013 1:30am EDT
theorist, you would believe obama care was written that way to be so unwieldy, to make it so you can't implement it, people will haith it so much that you end up going to a single payer system where a democrat like harry reid can point to medicare and say, hey, that's what we need. we need medicare for all. that's what you'verom other democrats in congress. maybe that happens. but there's so many people fighting the idea of a single payer system. it flies in the face of everything we believe in. >> if you get fed up with your insurance premiums, who knows it tter than back in your home state of florida, going up in some cases doubling you might run away from that private insurance happily, right? >> in the long run, single payer will kill. remember, the definition of single payer is they run the purse strings. they in and out the money. that's what people care about. these are the people that created $17 trillion in debt. medicare medicaid, social security, and you said it most, there is no profit motive when government runs it. it's going to blow up. we know the
FOX News
Aug 31, 2013 7:30am PDT
to change something, michelle obama has to rejigger something. what? >> charlie is making a good point. the government is trying. >> they always have good intentions. >> they should stop trying. if the guidelines are too rigid, change them. it's a good thing. >> it's starts with good intentions but you make guidelines -- >> remember the -- >> [ overtalk ] >> this doesn't work out. >> the class disparity is big-time. your local school, i'm sure there is gold plaited lunches. >> there is not. >> she's a mom with kids and knows -- >> what do you mean? >> do you think she grew up in hollywood and was on tv as a child and went to an ivy league school? jeesh! oh, you did. [ laughter ] >> all public school have the same budget and serve the same food. the notion that the government can dictate. the government has a role to suggest and encouraging but it gets -- >> what is wrong is guidelines? >> it's fine. >> if you say guideline is a guideline but if you say you must eat -- >> you're saying it's bad they eat whole wheat -- >> eat whatever they want to eat. eat whatever -- >> don't tell me wh
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)